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Board or Commission Name:BOARD OF EDUCATION

Description:The City of Nashua shall continue to constitute one school district, and the school committee of said City shall be styled the Board of Education. It shall perform all such duties as the School Committee in towns is required by law to perform, and shall have the power to protect the health of children attending the public schools of the city when exposed to danger from any cause connected with the schools, whether the cause be unsanitary conditions, exposure to contagious disease, association with those who are afflicted with sickness such as is commonly communicable to others, or other causes. General appropriations for the maintenance of the schools of the city shall be deemed available to meet any expenses incurred by the Board of Education under this provision for the protection of the health of the children attending the public schools. [Ch. 74]

Primary Contact:Kathleen Miles

Active Members
[Special Designation]
FirstMITermAppointmentEnd of Term
BROWN PAMELAT AldermenDec 31 2015
DOWD RICHARDA. AldermenDec 31 2015
FARRINGTON GEORGE 4ElectedDec 31 2017
HAAS STEVENG.4ElectedDec 31 2015
HALLOWELL ROBERTG.4ElectedDec 31 2015
MOSHER WILLIAM 4ElectedDec 31 2015
MUISE KIMBERLY 4ElectedDec 31 2015
MUROTAKE DAVID 4ElectedDec 31 2017
ODEN DOTTY 4ElectedDec 31 2017
ZIEHM SANDRA 4ElectedDec 31 2017

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